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Women Rekindled - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When does the program start? What is the frequency of the meetings? At what time are the meetings set?

  • Please check our website to check the specific dates, we will also notify you via email once you register.​

What happens if I can not attend one of the sessions of the program I register for?

  • We encourage you to set your calendar for all the meetings when you sign up, to minimize the risk of not participating in real-time. In case you are unable to attend, you will have access to the recording of the session (we will record those segments where we are sharing content) to be accessed at your convenience. We will also encourage all participants to identify an accountability partner, another member of the group to call between sessions to catch up.


How do I register for the program selected?

  • Please click on the button that takes you to the program. To register you will be asked to complete information relevant to this program, and acknowledge the terms of the service agreement, before proceeding to payment.


How do I pay for the program selected?

  • Once you finish the registration,  you will be asked to fill out your form of payment information. In case you have a discount code, please indicate it and wait for confirmation that the transaction was successfully completed.


Is there any refund policy in place?

  • Yes! Should you decide the timing is not right for you after the first session, all you have to do is email us at within the following 5 business days. After that date, fees are non-refundable.


Do I need to bring anything to the sessions or programs?

  • We suggest comfortable clothing (we generally include gentle movements and breathing exercises), a nice notebook and pen to take notes and write down thoughts, emotions, your aha moments, and your beverage of choice. Please also find a quiet place to assist the session and bring your full self to the meeting so you can get the best out of the program!


How do we connect to the sessions or programs?

  • A Video link is assigned to this program and will be the same for all meetings. You can find the link included in the email you will receive before the sessions start. You will also have the option to get text messages to remind you about the start of the session that includes the link to join.


How is the flow of a session in this program?

Typically sessions will include all or some of these moments:

  • Checking in

  • Tuning the body

  • Context / Content 

  • Group Sharing / Conversation

  • Additional tools for individual exploration, at your own pace and time

  • Celebration

What if I prefer not to participate in the same cohort as other women in my organization?

  • Our intention is for you to feel safe in the group, we will share whether another woman in your same organization/ business unit is registered to attend.

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