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Meet WAW Founders

Igniting a movement to WAW the world

Our passion is to serve women in their journey to Awaken® themselves and others, and manifest their full potential

Helena Herrero Coach

"No mud, no lotus"

For 25+ years, I partnered with financial and technology industries leaders in Latin America and the US, through market transitions and business model transformations -including economic downturns,  M&A, and divestitures- providing a sounding board to process their experiences and learnings, and design more resilient organizations in terms of cultural traits, talent capital, and employee engagement. I am experienced in both large corporations and startups (and career transitions to and from). 

I partner with leaders at career crossroads (typically from senior functions to general management), as well as those embracing a reset of professions and lifestyle, including moves from corporate careers to fields they are passionate about, and didn’t explore before.

Facilitation Experience

My themes are leadership building, team building, innovation, change management, digital transformation

I facilitated 100+  groups in The Americas, Middle East, Europe, and Asia

Coaching Philosophy

I believe in the creation of a pause, to respond rather than react.

In this space of freedom of choice, we can expand the experience.

Coaching expertise areas 

2nd Career after Corporate

Career transitions to/ from Corporate/ Start-up

Landing a new job

From Burnout to Wellbeing


English & Spanish


"Create the life you deserve" 

Over the last 25+ years, I’ve worked for global world-class organizations that provided me experience at local, regional, and global senior management levels. I had the opportunity to live in 4 different countries and learn about their cultures and challenges. I’ve partnered with business leaders everywhere in the world to improve business performance, supporting and leading cultural transformations and creating great places to work. I also have experience working with the Board of Directors and multiple stakeholders in implementing short and long-term initiatives. 


I have coached leaders around the world including executives, managers, and individual contributors, to develop their leadership skills, build lasting relationships, overcome challenges, accelerate their development, and achieve their goals. 


Facilitation Experience

I built my expertise in the areas of organizational design and development, leadership development, business transformation, team effectiveness, and change management.  I have facilitated numerous workshops across the world to improve leaders’ abilities to select, recruit, engage and develop teams and individuals.


Coaching Philosophy

I believe in empowering people with tools to successfully overcome challenges, unleash their true selves, and create the lives of their dreams every day. 

Coaching expertise areas

Leadership & Executive

Career & Life transitions

Team Coaching / Alignment

Parenting / Motherhood 

Cultural transformation and Integration

Women Entrepreneurs



English, Spanish & Portuguese 

carola perfil linkedin.jpg

"Dance like no one is watching"

During the past 15 years, I’ve been working along with family business owners, founders, and siblings helping to solve conflicts in the process of transition and succession. Facilitation, coaching, and deep communication are my most valuable skills which were developed thanks to the personal and professional experience gained in different fields like addiction prevention for vulnerable adults and homeless as well as coaching middle-class women helping them to re-start and reinvent themselves through different ludic strategies (games, body exercises, and drama). These women have achieved their goals through the implementation and execution of Life Project Plans.

I am co founder of ALdeCO (Academia Latinoamericana de Práctica

Colaborativa) and member of IDEF Empresa & Familia.

Facilitation Experience

I have successfully designed, implemented, and coordinated several workshops that referred to my field of expertise and passion: communication, body language, drama, circle dances, and self-knowledge.


Coaching Philosophy

My coaching motto is "Tell me how you bond, and I will tell you who you are".

Coaching expertise areas

Group Coaching

Relationships building & developing

Families embracing gender identity

Communications strategy

Collaborative conflict resolution


Spanish & English

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