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Las Dueñas TM 
VIP Programs for Latina Executives

In our research and experience, Latina Executives

embody and express heritage in a few different yet connected dimensions:

- How we invest TIME

- How we replenish ENERGY

- How we amplify our EXECUTIVE PRESENCE

- How we expand towards our NEXT STEP

This "aha" gave birth to "Las Dueñas"

Women Activating Women Signature VIP Programs.

Each VIP Program has its own value and goals:

✔️ They are highly personalized

✔️ They are a powerful springboard towards a well-lived life.

✔️ A gentle yet encouraging facilitation, to allow for expansion and ownership.

Want to learn Fast Fun Facts about  "Las Dueñas"?

Virtual & Vivid

Around 8 hrs each

Insightful & Practical

Proven Return on Investment 


Dueña De Mi Tiempo TM
Dueña De Mi Energia
Dueña De Mi Presencia Ejecutiva TM
Dueña De Mi Next Step TM

Las Dueñas

Designed with Latina Executives in mind

The act of taking ownership of ourselves and our decisions is liberating and empowering.  


Latina Executives create exponential impact for themselves and their careers adueñandose and making strides!

Fun Facts about  "Las Dueñas"

  • Virtual & Vivid

  • 8 hrs each

  • Insightful & Practical

  • Proven High ROI


Are "Las Dueñas" VIP Programs right for me?

Schedule a FREE 30-min Fit Call with us to discuss your goals and needs, and share how we can add value.

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