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We champion female executives

to unapologetically reclaim their time and energy.


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my time & energy 

Have you ever
told yourself.. 

  • I don't feel joy or I'm not interested in many of my activities and relationships

  • I am angry and fearful more times than I would like to be

  • I am sometimes ashamed and avoid talking about it 

  • I am burned out and this is affecting my performance and career progression

Would you rather
tell yourself..
  • I give space to my own voice to create a compelling narrative

  • I unleash my energy to develop nurturing relationships and meaningful projects at work and at home

  • I unfold my passion and give form to a fulfilling life in all the dimensions that I lead or participate

Women that participated in our programs are saying

71% enhanced their connection with themselves, their network, and their community

75% made significant progress towards achieving their goals

76% reported that the program helped them be happier / more fulfilled in life

96% increased their clarity on what they wanted to achieve 

100% were able to identify enablers to support their goals

This process supported me in landing what I want, identifying resources, defining a first step. I was cheered too!
This program was a great discovery for me and a true pampering to my soul
I am determined to wake up and realize that I can take care of myself
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