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Magical Things.

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Being at our best can be nudge by keeping close to us certain objects that prompt wellbeing and raise our energy. More than being simply beautiful, such objects can potentially play an active role in the shaping of our experience.

At WAW we leverage multiple venues to support the identification and use of prompts that support ourselves in our journey.

Though the universe as a whole is imbued with an undeniable aura of magic, we can further fill our lives with magic by creating a collection of magical things. More than being simply beautiful, such objects can potentially play an active role in the shaping of our experience as each magical object serves a unique and multifaceted purpose.

Some inspire us to reflect while some have the power to positively influence our moods. Others take us back in time, capturing in their essence memories locked in history or helping us reaffirm our connection with the universe. Magical objects can be found almost anywhere and can be practically anything, from gifts of nature to man made artifacts.

You'll know an object is truly magical when it touches you deeply, awakening some primal part of yourself that is more profoundly connected to the ethereal. There is no right or wrong way to introduce a magical object into your life -- the collection you create can be large or small, kept in private or publicly displayed.

You may already be in possession of such objects. Whatever the nature of the objects you deem magical, there are many ways to utilize them. Those that help you reach a contemplative and relaxed state may best serve their purpose on your personal altar or in some special place in your home. Objects that bring you comfort can be kept in a small pouch and carried throughout the day. Or you may feel compelled to infuse your collection with beauty by making it into a collage that naturally draws your eye and stimulates your soul. Everyone can benefit from surrounding themselves with magical objects. Our lives are made just a little more light and fun when having magical things in our presence.

If you feel you don't have anything magical in your life, ask the universe for help, and it will not be long before a meaningful artifact, a simple feather, a special stone, or another powerful item reveals itself to you and fills your life with enchantment.

Based on text by Madisyn Taylor

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