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Holidays: a season for connection

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Connection with others, with nature, and yes! with yourself. The holiday season can be transformed in a great occasion for meaning, replenishing and a fresh start.

This holiday season: reclaim your time and energy!

The holidays are all about celebrating the values that bring us together in life, our friends and family. And ourselves!

These important connections can bring us unity through togetherness, generosity, and gratitude, are ways for us to gather with those we love and care about, and express our appreciation for them.

While these holidays are all about giving thanks and gratitude, it is also a time for giving back to our communities.

One of the best ways to celebrate with our loved ones is by gathering together and vocalizing our appreciation for one another. Studies show that practicing gratitude regularly can make us happier by increasing our mental health, enhancing positive emotions, boosting our self-esteem, and reducing negativity. A great way to build up our mental fitness!

Some ideas to make the most of this holiday season:

  • Vocalize your gratitude. Take the time to thank the ones you love for their presence in your life. Taking the time out of your day to show your appreciation will make a difference in their lives.

  • Connect with loved ones. Whether it is a big family celebration or even a small gathering with your closest friends, connecting with those you love is the most important during the holiday season. Spending time focusing on what we are grateful for with those we love improves our relationships with them.

  • Volunteer your time. The holiday season is also about giving back—volunteer your time around your community, gather donations for those in need, or perform random acts of kindness.

  • Focus on positivity. Shift negative interactions during the holiday season, look for. the positive in any situation or interaction. There might be pressure to create the perfect environment, remember that everyone is trying their best, and the holidays are about being present rather than an Instagram perfect gathering or house.

The holidays can be challenging to celebrate, transform them in a time to reflect on our meaningful connections and why they are important to us, what are all the resources at our fingertips if we just adjust our filters. Happiness is an inside job. Take ownership of yours!

H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S E A S O N!

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