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A New Idea Is Born!

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Birthing an idea is moving from concepts to reality, it is about doing something instead of just thinking about it.

When is the adequate time to give birth to an idea? The answer is easy: it is NOW.

Moving into action with the proverb "If not here, where; if not now, when; if not me, who", WAW is ready to partner with you mobilizing ideas into reality: by participating in our workshops and coaching engagements, you will count with a safe space, a proven process and a community, to manifest and impact the world.

Ideas exist. You know they do because you have and experience them all the time. The point is though; that your ideas; only exist to you and beyond that, they only exist in some alternate parallel universe within your mind. The thing with ideas is that they are immaterial; that is, they are not physical ‘things’ and because they are not physical in nature – they only exist to others for as much as you’re able to articulate them somehow. You then, are the gateway between the world of ideas and the physical world we all live in. Without you, your ideas will simply always be ‘out there somewhere’ – never to be shared, never to be seen and never ever to be experienced by any one else. Only you can give birth to your ideas and there’s only one way for you to do that and that way is by taking your idea and turning it into some form of meaningful action. Action (more precisely, YOUR action) is the key ingredient that brings your idea to life. By taking action, you essentially reach beyond this world; into the conceptual world of ideas and manifest your idea into physical existence. The introduction of a new idea, concept or way of doing something is only possible because you chose to do something, rather than do nothing. We often underestimate the importance of taking action, but the reality is, without action, nothing ever happens. Who knows how your world, our world might be different because of your idea?! You’d like to start a business? You have an idea for a new product or a better way of doing things? You want to be healthier? You want your work to be more meaningful? You have an idea for a poem, film script or book? You want to live a more simple life? You want to travel and experience other cultures? You want to help others? All are great ideas - but ultimately pretty meaningless without action! So a couple of points to leave you with; courtesy of Gregg Krech: 1. Deciding is not doing. You haven’t changed the reality of your life if you haven’t taken constructive action. 2. Get started before you’re ready. Action isn't something that comes after figuring things out. Action is a way of figuring things out! So if you’re ready for action, but you’re not quite sure what’s holding you back; then that might be a good place to start. You might have more influence than you ever realized and who knows how your world might change if you muster the courage to give birth to your next idea!

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