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2023 Hispanic/ Latinx Heritage Month!

Our heritage gives us roots and wings. And an immense drive to celebrate life in all its forms!

We celebrate and appreciate where we come from and the influence and impact that Hispanic women create, such a strong community feeling. We get to help and support others to fully express their own identity, embracing the roots and the wings, the old and the new, and the diversity and perspective that being Latina in this country brings.

We especially honor all the amazing Hispanic women that influenced -and still do- our lives, including our grandmas, mothers, sisters, friends, colleagues, and daughters.

We are happy to acknowledge and celebrate our origin. In current times, when diversity and inclusion is so relevant, we invite all Hispanxs/ Latinxs to share the pride in our roots, our narrative, and the way we express ourselves with passion.

Celebramos nuestras raíces y honramos la perspectiva que cada uno trae de sus orígenes y que hace mas sabrosa nuestra Comunidad Hispanx/Latinx!

Honradas de celebrar a todas las mujeres hispanas este mes y siempre!

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