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Morning micro-steps to boost your energy

Whether it’s a quick journaling exercise, listening to a song you love, or simply making your bed before leaving home, our morning routine can help set the tone for the entire day. And research even shows that establishing consistent rituals can improve our mood and well-being.

If you need some ideas for energizing morning rituals that can set you up for a positive day, here are five simple Microsteps. Pick one (or more!) to try tomorrow morning:

Drink a glass of water before reaching for your phone.

This simple tip will not only help you hydrate and replenish what was lost while sleeping, but it also allows you to pause before diving into your day. Research shows starting the day with a glass of water can help boost our mood and improve your focus.

Repeat an affirmation that empowers you.

Reciting a mantra in the morning can set the tone for the day ahead and help us reframe challenges in moments of stress. An affirmation can be something simple and declarative, like “I am enough” — or it can be a line from a song or a book that resonates with you.

Write down three top priorities for the day.

When we take a moment in the morning to identify which tasks are most important, we’re able to approach the day with a clear focus, and we’ll be less likely to get overwhelmed later on.

Ask a co-worker a deeper question other than “How are you?”

Science tells us our work relationships can help us feel a sense of purpose in our jobs, brighten our mood, and increase our productivity. When we take the time to invest in relationships by starting the day with a meaningful question to a co-worker like “What’s on your mind today?”, we can deepen our connections and feel a renewed sense of energy.

Do one small thing that brings you joy.

It might be meditating, walking, or making a breakfast you love. Even something as simple as making your bed in the morning can give you an instant sense of accomplishment. Starting the morning with a small joy trigger can help us feel energized and joyful throughout the day.

So what will this be for you? Ready to start tomorrow? What about involving an accountability partner and make your support system more visible to yourself?

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