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Expanding my comfort zone

Your current comfort zone has served you, and it may represent your behaviors and patterns from your past. Expanding our comfort zone by exploring the adjacency of what we do already very well, opens for us a bigger, richer world of opportunities -both personal and professional. At Women Awakening Women we provide a reflection and experiential space for executive women to explore what is beyond what they usually think/ say/ feel/ do

None of us are born with a guidebook that provides explicit rules for thought and behavior that will enable us to navigate life successfully. To cope with the myriad of complexities to which all of humanity is subject, we each develop a set of habits and routines that ground us, their continuity assuring us that life is progressing normally.

Most of us know, whether instinctively or by experience, that transformations can be uncomfortable, but we always learn and gain so much. Any initial discomfort we experience when expanding our comfort zones diminishes gradually as we both become accustomed to change and begin to understand that temporary discomfort is a small price to pay for the evolution of our soul.

Your current comfort zone did, at one time, serve a purpose in your life. And it may be representative of behaviors and patterns of thought that empowered you to cope with challenges of days past.

Now, this comfort zone does little to facilitate the growth you wish to achieve in the present. Leaving your comfort zone behind through personal expansion of any kind can prepare you to take the larger leaps of faith that will, in time, help you refine your purpose.

Work your way outward at your own pace, gently and surely. With the passage of each well-earned triumph, you will have grown and your comfort zone will have expanded to accommodate this evolution.

The joy you feel upon giving yourself the opportunity of tapping into a bigger, richer, abundant world, will nearly always outweigh your discomfort. As you continue to expand your comfort zone to include new ideas, activities, goals, and experiences, you will see that you are capable of stimulating change and coping with the fresh challenges that accompany it.

Based on a text by Madisyn Taylor

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