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BE: Butterfly Effect

As science goes, a very small change in initial conditions is able to create a significantly different outcome.
For us at WAW, the butterfly has a double meaning: on one hand, the butterfly is already alive within the caterpillar, with time and dedication it unfolds and, one day, starts flying. On the other hand, a small butterfly in a remote part of the world is able to generate waves of impact and change events on the other side of the world.
In WAW, we provide the space for both processes; to individually unfold and expand, and to collectively ignite, amplify and multiply.

Our Philosophy
Yoga Asana

We respect the whole person, the individual process, and your unique outcome


We partner to realize your full potential consistent with who you are

Building Homes

You are the creator of your life. We provide a safe space and a community of like-minded women to enrich and expand your own experience

Our Proprietary AWAKEN® Method is based on our philosophy 

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