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Excelling at Gratitude-based Decision-Making: This self-paced program leverages being at your best and how to make impactul decisions.

  • 60Days
  • 18Steps


GRATITUDE is our capacity to focus on WHAT IS rather than on what is not. This MINDSET enables calm, grounded, intentional ACTION -rather than scattered, wobbled, and despaired. How to develop or enhance a gratitude practice? In this self-paced program you are invited to identify -and recall whenever needed- the physiology of being at your best; release the burden of so many things we still carry on us -and maybe are no longer necessary, and reach out for others to strengthen a support system based on a ripple effect of positive impact. GRATITUDE allows us to realize that life is GREAT and FULL of possibilities. A series of short videos enhanced by a workbook offering exercises to deepen the experience, along 75 minutes we will cover: - Creating awareness of when/ where/ how you are at your best - Practicing letting go of baggage that is no longer needed or relevant - Giving and receiving, connecting with others, and building a support system - Living your life with gratitude helps you notice the little things, the little wins, and the awe of life. Building your capacity for gratitude takes practice. The more you can bring your attention to that which you feel grateful for, the more you’ll notice inside you and around you that will prompt you to feel grateful for: a virtuous circle that expands and creates a ripple effect. Enjoy the Self-Paced Learning!

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