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Designing my Next Act

Designing my Next Act



--- and most of the time it is detrimental for those of us in our 50s, 60s, 70s.


In any case, after we close our reproductive cycle, groom children cycle, take care of the household while our partner works cycle, taking care of ailing parents cycle, etc, etc, etc... there is no much else left, right?


W R O N G !!!


Recent research has proved that our brain is able to produce neural connections, rewire patterns and develop flexibility. And now that, certainly, some roles and stages are completed, rather that the void, there is a vast array of possibilities to give time and space to dreams, wants and needs that either we quenched very narrowly... or not a all.


This resource is an invitation to REKINDLE the passion, the luster, the thrilling sensation of being alive, and doing something delicious! And also, one of our community's favorites resource! 


Let's step into LIFE AFTER THE 50s!

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